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Natural Capital Conversations: Is the science and practice of resilience changing the way we do development?

November 8, 2022 - 10:30am to 12:00pm
Virtual event

In this conversation, we will explore whether the last ten years of substantial investments in resilience programs are helping development practices to better engage in complex and turbulent contexts. By using a recent framework involving six key features of complex systems, we review the progress made by resilience projects and programs around the world to reorient their focus and approach to account for these features. We will present our findings of innovative practices and how they are resolving some of the long-standing tensions in development. However, our findings also show challenges remain when the dominant applications diverge substantially from the science and in some cases undermine resilience and increase vulnerability. We will also, in conversation with the audience, explore what this means for natural capital and ecosystem service approaches and our collaborative efforts to reshape development practice and policy toward more sustainable futures.