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8th Annual Stephen H. Schneider Lecture | Dr. Vandana Shiva | Soil not Oil

Students for a Sustainable Stanford
Stanford Center for South Asia
Stanford South Asian Society
Stanford Food Recovery
Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment

Event Details:

Thursday, January 23, 2020
7:00pm - 8:30pm PST


CEMEX Auditorium
United States

On January 23, author, activist and leader of a global food sovereignty movement, Vandana Shiva, will give a lecture Soil not Oil: Biodiversity-based Agriculture to Address the Climate Crisis at the 8th annual lecture created to honor the memory of Stephen H. Schneider, Stanford professor and renowned climate scientist. Her talk will explore the impacts of large-scale industrial agriculture on climate change, biodiversity and food security.

Shiva is an advocate for a more equitable and sustainable food system that uses indigenous knowledge and a wide diversity of crops. She sees a return to nature and organic methods of farming as a solution for both food insecurity and climate change. As a founder of the Navdanya initiative, she has established seed banks around India and programs to teach farmers organic techniques.

Find out more about Vandana Shiva and Navdanya.

Presented by Students for a Sustainable Stanford, the Schneider lecture is held annually in honor of Dr. Stephen H. Schneider, Stanford professor and world-renowned climate scientist who passed away in 2010. Professor Schneider is survived by his widow, Terry Root.

Learn more about the work of Stephen H. Schneider.

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