• complement students' formal education with hands-on, experiential learning;
  • provide knowledge on opportunities to maximize research impact;
  • build a network of peers and partners; and
  • provide exposure to career tracks outside academia.

Applications for cohort 2017 will be available in fall quarter.


DC Bootcamp

Turning environmental research into world-changing action requires intimate knowledge of how government works. As part of the Rising Environmental Leaders Program, the Stanford Woods Institute, in partnership with the Bing Stanford in Washington Program, hosts graduate students and postdoctoral scholars for a Washington D.C. Boot Camp. Participants in the one-week leadership program garner first-hand knowledge about national policy development, partnership-building and public service careers. They gain exposure to the realities of policy design and implementation and learn how to connect research to policy and people.

Preference is given to scholars actively working on a Stanford Woods Institute-affiliated project.

News Story: Future Environmental Leaders Go 'Inside the Beltway' for Spring Break (2016)
See photos and tweets from the 2016 DC Bootcamp. 

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