Stephanie Green is an Early Career Science Fellow at the Center for Ocean Solutions where she leads research on the effects of climate change on ocean food webs. She is also a CIHR Banting Fellow. Her research focuses on issues ranging from invasive species and climate change to energy development and science policy.
Stephanie received her PhD from Simon Fraser University and BS from the University of British Columbia. During her dissertation, she developed trait and size-based foraging models that are used across the Caribbean region to set targets for managing the impacts of invasive Indo-Pacific lionfish on native marine species. In 2013, she was awarded a David H. Smith Conservation Research Fellowship to develop optimal approaches for managing the impacts of invasions within marine protected areas in collaboration with the US National Park Service, NOAA and Oregon State University.
Stephanie has served as an Affiliate Scientist with the Reef Environmental Education Foundation since 2009 where she designs training in marine research and monitoring for international governments and NGOs. She also develops and leads training in storytelling and science communication. Her research and teaching has taken her to more than 20 countries bordering the Pacific, Atlantic, and Arctic Ocean.