Dustin Schroeder is interested in the fundamental problem of observing, understanding, and predicting the behavior of ice and water in the earth system. He is particularly interested in the role that subglacial water plays in the evolution and stability of continental ice sheets and their contribution to the rate of sea level rise. Schroeder is also interested in the development, use, and analysis of geophysical radar remote sensing systems that are optimized to observe hypothesis- specific phenomena. He considers himself an instrument scientist and seek to approach problems from both an earth system science and radar system engineering perspective. By focusing on the flow of information and uncertainty through the entire process of instrument development, experimental design, data processing, analysis, and interpretation, he draws upon a multidisciplinary set of tools to test system-scale and process-level hypotheses. For Schroeder, this deliberate combination of science and engineering is the most powerful and satisfying way to approach questions in earth and planetary science.